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Yoga Nidra Introduction- Myrte

Yoga Nidra Introduction

On thursday 16 april 2020, Myrte will give an online yoga nidra workshop from 15.00 till 17.00 hours.

In this workshop you will be introduced into the healing power of Yoga Nidra, of relaxing deep within your body, feeling safe and sound, yet powerfull too.
A follow up series of five deepening Nidra workshops will be coming up after this one too.

Yoga Nidra is well known to have the same restorative effect of some good hours of sleep. Nidra will help you to relax deeply within the physics of your body, while laying down comfortable and relaxed. Through Myrte's guided meditation and visualization more subtle layers of your consciousness become present. Learn and experience how to recharge your body and brain connection through your autonomic nerve system and deep within your cells too.
The basic of this practice is helpful to release stress on a daily base, as well as to gain more energy, focus and clarity.
Also you will be enabled to free yourself from blockages you may hold on to on a conscious and subsconscious level too.
Experience with the practice is not needed, all of you are welcome to join! 
The price of the workshop is 18 euro.
Please send an e-mail to Jessica to registrer.

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