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Intuitive Self Healing - Tomas

Intuitive Self Healing Amsterdam
Would you like to raise your level of awareness and have a higher understanding of your true essence? Energy work unifies the mind and heart space. This results in:
·        more clarity about your life path
·        deeper connection with the creator within
·        overall capability to use your full potential and to feel balanced.
During the last ten years of practicing different modalities of energy healing in both Ireland and Amsterdam, I intuitively developed my own type of energy healing. And I’ve come to understand that EVERYBODY has the ability to self heal. An important aspect of self healing is becoming aware of the fact that one can balance masculine and feminine energy in the heart chakra, creating life force energy. By doing this you raise your vibrational frequency, align your chakra system and heal the mind, body and spirit. I offer simple guidance in doing this. 
In a self healing session, our energy fields merge. That enables me to tune into your higher self. The conscious unification of the energy fields results in a rise of vibration and therefore an acceleration of the healing process.
I look forward to connecting with you in the beautiful studio of Leef Yoga,
Tomas Curry
More information [https://selfhealingamsterdam.com/]
Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/Intuitive-Self-Healing-Amsterdam-128605334482534/]

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