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Massage in de studio

Adi Shanti geeft massages bij Leef Yoga.
Adi Shanti belongs to a family line of physicians and physiotherapists of holistic medicine and indigenous scholar. Training in holistic medicine and massage began at an early age.
In 2015 Adi Shanti obtained her certificate in Ayurvedic Physiotherapy Massage in India. Adi's work consists of a mixture or different styles of massage, both Asian and Western.
In addition to working on relaxation and stress reduction, Adi treatments aim to heal and prevent diseases. His sessions help the body to recover and make you feel vital, healthy in harmony with yourself.
The Ayurvedic massage is especially useful not only to relieve specific pain but as preventive medicine, as they increase circulation, stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system, and open the flow of life force in order to cleanse and revitalize the body. In addition, the essential oils used in Ayurvedic massages are very nutritious and detoxifying for the skin, helping to prevent aging and leaving it soft and shiny. On the other hand, Ayurvedic massage provides other benefits such as symptomatic relief of stress and the generation of positive emotions to make us feel better both physically and mentally.


What is Ayurvedic massage for?
Ayurvedic massage is designed to:
*detoxifies and cleans
*increase the effectiveness of the immune system
*keep healthy people in good health
*help those with medical conditions improve their general well-being
*help with stress relief
*improve circulation
*increase body awareness
*increases vitality, rejuvenates, repairs
*promote healthy skin
*help with deep relaxation


Traditional Balinese Massage

Balinese massage uses various techniques including acupressure and reflexology in a session. Balinese massage is used for the persistent complaints caused by injuries and overloading of the body.


30 minutes € 40

60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 95


Aromatherapy Massage


The aromatherapy massage is a very effective massage, with which every feeling of tension and stress disappears completely, during the massage warm aromatic essential oils are used. These oils have a beneficial effect on the body and mind and provide the skin with nutrients and help the muscles relax. Relax and enjoy delicious scents during this aromatherapy massage.


30 minutes € 40
60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 95


Relaxation Massage


Relaxation massage is for everyone. It can be a moment of attention for yourself, attention to your body and relaxation for body, mind and soul.


30 minutes € 40
60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 95


Anti Stress Massage


Anti stress massage for a nice support of a therapeutic process. For example in case of stress complaints, a burn-out, depressive complaints etc. During this massage the following massage is done: head, neck shoulders, arms, hands and back. For example in case of stress complaints, a burn-out, depressive complaints etc.


30 minutes € 40
60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 95.


Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage therapy provides a sedative effect that can relieve chronic muscle and tissue pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation, allowing the skin and tissues to soften, relieving muscle rigidity, and expanding blood vessels that promotes the flow of the same throughout the body you get a better blood circulation of the cells and the metabolism reactivating the energy of the body.

60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 95
2   hours     € 110


Marma massage & Abhyanga massages

It is a combination of two massages in one. Marma points are points of the organism where nerves, muscles, veins, ligaments, bones and / or joints meet.
it is used to activate the subtle energy of the body. These marma points are access doors to vital energy. That when stimulated, they allow the energy to flow and restore the balance of the body to support the healing process. Allows powerful transformations in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Stimulates the immune system; rejuvenates; unlocks and eliminates physical and subtle toxins. The marma points are stimulated, first with the classic ayurvedic massage called ABHYANGA,


Abhyanga massage

It is a massage that combines a series of integration of manual movements, rhythms, intensities, postures in the body;
to mobilize and stimulate the elimination of toxins through the biological systems that we possess, in addition to releasing the tension of the muscles, to release the tendons and nerves of fatigue that accumulate in the day to day. Maintains the body's defenses, Lubrication of joints, Maintains the body's natural moisture, Improves blood circulation, Reduces early aging, Provides resistance against the lack of disharmony and diseases.


60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 95
2   hours     € 110


You can book for any type of massage treatments by Emailing crscl.drn@gmail.com
We will respond as soon as possible to booking your reservation.

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